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Tattersalls October Yearling Sale 2016

Book I
B.f. Medicean/Nicola Bella (N/S 90,000 gns) – BELLADONA (L. Wadham)
Ch.c. Sir Percy/Bombazine ( N/S 60,000 gns) – BOMBYX (J. Fanshawe)
B.f. Sir Percy/Crystal Gal (120,000 gns) – GALMARLEY (L. Wadham)

Book 2
B.f. Bated Breath/Kensington Gardens (50,000 gns) – ROYAL PARKS (J. Tate)
Ch.f. Lethal Force/Pretty Primo (38,000 gns) – PRETTY LETHAL (E. de Giles)
B.f. Bated Breath/Starry Sky (19,000 gns) – PAMINAH (H. Morrison)
B.c. Bahamian Bounty/Vive Les Rouges (100,000 gns) – BAHLWAN (W. Haggas)
B.f. Sepoy/Windermere Island (48,000 gns) – FICANAS (Italy)
B.f. Bated Breath/Cartoon (42,000 gns)
B.c. Bated Breath/Cassique Lady (10,000 gns) – BREATHABLE (T. Easterby)

Book 3
B.c. Sepoy/Lady Hestia (16,000 gns) – SE YOU (T. Easterby)
Ch.c. Lethal Force/Tussah (11,000 gns ) – TUSSORE (E. O'Neill)
December Yearling Sales
B.f. Nathaniel/Island Odyssey (N/S 8,000 gns) – (E. Dunlop)

Tattersalls October Yearling Sale 2015

Book 1
Ch.f. Sepoy ex Some Sunny Day (200,000gns) - DUBAI ELEGANCE (S. Bin Suroor)
B.f. Sir Percy ex Crystal Gal (170,000gns) - GALLIFREY (L. Wadham)

Book 2
B.c. Equiano ex Starry Sky (95,000gns) - MUSAWAAT (C. Hills)
B.f. Bated Breath ex Pretty Primo (55,000gns) - PRIMADONIA (R. Hannon)

Book 3
B.c. Sir Percy ex Lady Hestia (32,000gns) - NOBLE BEQUEST (M. Tregoning)
B.c. Sir Percy ex Laverre (15,000gns) - PERCY’S WORD (S. Crisford)
B.c. Sir Percy ex Cartoon (4,500gns) - RAKE’S PROGRESS (H. Main)
B.c. Mawatheeq ex Island Odyssey (2,000gns)
B.f. Bahamian Bounty ex Desert Royalty (2,000gns) - (P. McBride)

Tattersalls October Yearling Sale 2014

Book 2
Ch.f. Dutch Art ex Starry Sky (45,000gns) - DUTCH DREAM (L. Perratt)
Ch.f. Sir Percy ex Wendylina (24,000gns) - SCARLET WINGS (K. Burke)
Ch.f. Equiano ex Windermere Island (16,000gns) - CORAL ISLAND (O. Stevens)

Book 3
B.c. Sakhee ex Some Sunny Day (40,000gns) - PROSPECTUS (H. Morrison)
B.c. Showcasing ex Corndavon (26,000gns) - CAPPY BROWN (A. Bailey)
B.c. Pastoral Pursuits ex Tremelo Pointe (22,000gns) - ALDAIR (R. Hannon)
Gr.c. Mawatheeq ex Tussah (16,000gns) - KING VINCE (D. Loder)
B.c. Khelyf ex Desert Royalty (15,000gns) - DESERT RULER (J. O'Keeffe)
Ch.c. Sir Percy ex Emirates First (9,000gns) - FIRST CLASS TICKET (A. McNamara)
B.f. Sir Percy ex Laverre (2,500gns) - MARKET FRESH (T. Easterby)

December Sale 2014

2013 b.f. Showcasing ex Vive Les Rouges (68,000gns) - ROUGE NOIR (J. Noseda)
KENSINGTON GARDENS (N/S 40,000gns) (2010 b.m. Oasis Dream ex Wendylina)

Tattersalls October Yearling Sale 2013

b.c Dutch Art/Vive Les Rouges (130,000 gns) - MOHTAFAL (J. Gosden)
ch.c Exceed & Excel/Continua (75,000 gns) - COTAI GLORY (C. Hills)
b.c Mount Nelson/Corndavon (35,000 gns) - UPSTAGING (P. Cole)
b.c Authorized/Desert Royalty (29,000 gns) - TONTO'S SPIRIT (M. Dods)
ch.f Pastoral Pursuits/Some Sunny Day (18,000 gns) - SECRET PALACE (Rae Guest)
ch.f Sir Percy/Misplace (10,000 gns)
b.f Sir Percy/Emirates First (10,000 gns) - PERSIFLAGE (Hugo Palmer)
b.f Authorized/Island Odyssey (n/s 3,000 gns) - ISLAND AUTHORITY (E. Dunlop)

Tattersalls December Sale 2012

Ch.c. Sir Percy ex Bombazine (70,000 gns) - SIR MEDBURY (A. Royer-Dupre)
B.f. Exceed & Excel ex Continua (56,000 gns) - EXCEL'S BEAUTY (J. Tate)
B.c. Bahamian Bounty/ Vive Les Rouges (40,000 gns) - SPEEDFIEND (N. Quinlan)
B.c. Aqlaam ex Wendylina (36,000 gns) - HESKETH BANK (R. Fahey)
B.c. Bahamian Bounty ex Desert Royalty (35,000 gns) - KING OF NASSAU (R. Charlton)
B.c. Sir Percy ex Cassique Lady (30,000 gns) - PERSPICACE (R. Charlton)
B.c. Sir Percy ex Enforce (n/s 28,000 gns) - CHAUVELIN (R. Charlton)
B.f. Medicean ex Island Odyssey (n/s 9,000 gns) - ISLAND REMEDE (E. Dunlop)
B.c. Amadeus Wolf ex Lyric Art (8,000 gns) - DON OTTAVIO (David Lanigan)
Ch.c. Sir Percy ex Emirates First (n/s 8,000 gns) - CORNBOROUGH (Mark Walford)

Tattersalls December Sale 2011

B.M Vivianna (Indian Ridge x Kundalini 1997) in foal to Champs Elyssee 56,000gns
Gr.M Pearl Bright (Kaldoun x Coastal Jewel 1998) in foal to Sir Percy 14,000gns
B.F Corn Rigs (Exceed and Excel x Corndavon 2009) 5,500gns

Tattersalls October Yearling Sale 2011

Book 1
Ch.c Sir Percy ex Bombazine (260,000gns) - IZEM (R. Varian)
Ch.c Sir Percy ex String Quartet (50,000gns) - MIRSAALE (J. Tate)
B.c Sir Percy ex Misplace (25,000gns) - PERDU (M. Tregoning)
B.c Oasis Dream ex Vivianna (25,000gns) - VIVIANNA'S DREAM

Book 2
Gr.c Sir Percy ex Tussah (55,000gns) - ARGENT KNIGHT (W. Jarvis)
B.f Sir Percy ex Emirates First (27,000gns) - LORAINE (J. Osborne)
B.c Sir Percy ex Enforce (27,000gns) - VAN PERCY (A. Balding)

Book 3
B.f Beat Hollow ex Corndavon (7,000gns) - SUNNY HOLLOW (J. Toller)
Br.f Sakhees Secret ex Got to Go (6,000gns) - WHYNOTONE

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